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About Us

Many a Vidyalaya of excellence has come up in West Bengal under the active auspices of the Government and the Public. The necessity for such excellent Vidyalayas is ever increasing. With this end in view Niva Ananda Vidyalaya has joined the galaxy of eminent Vidyalayas. It is co-educational and is recongnized by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education and the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education. We like to bring to your kind notice our view-points on   how to run the Vidyalaya and its inherent specialties, we have been able to build up so far.

Our endeavour is to arouse self-confidence in students to face various life-situations, to inspire them to lead a united life and to make their education fruitful in life.  We shall take real care of their Future, nurture their Personality Development and Manhood. The Vidyalaya has a caretaking role-play.

Discipline, Punctuality, Honesty, Truthfulness, Goodmanners,   Friendship, Sense of Respect etc. are the essential values  inculcated in to students. Values are the driving force of life. Values frame the life-style. It is desired that efforts for teaching and training for the formation of the life-style in the children are to be a-foot since childhood. The Vidyalaya has been adopting various methods to make it a reality. Even the families are being made conscious of this mission by holding guardians' parents' meetings at regular intervals.

Cassettes of some melodized rhymes and songs of values have been made and the cassettes thus made are distributed among the students. We aim at forming a moral base among the students.

The Vidyalaya, since its inception, has been sparing no effort to free the students from the shackles of superstitions, evil customs, casteist, religious and racial discrimination. The efforts thus taken, are conducive to broadening their mind, to enlightening and elevating entity and also to establishing a healthy human relationship.

Education is embedded in culture. Culture acts like pure air in the arena of education. Culture brings about a desire in human beings to lead a blissful life. Culture creates the wealth of heart. The convergence of education and culture helps a child grow into a successful human being. We are vigilant that education is not divested of culture.

No child is born to blush unseen. The possibility of being successful on the part of every student, according to his/her ability and frame of mind is always there. We will find out the way to success in your child by identifying the areas of possibility in him/her. Feel relieved by handing over the children to us.

The prime objective of education is to make a child dream and learn how to be determined and laborious.  “I have got the self-confidence “that I am capable of doing everything”  - education arouses this self-realisation and self-assertion.
All these virtues lead to success. The Vidyalaya is, by all means, determined to honestly uphold that responsibility.
We shall have to see that education becomes useful to a child in his/her day-to-day life and that education is of service to the family, the society and  to the country. We intend to educate a child to meet the demand of time, life and humanity. Our objective is to see that education is not receded from life. 

Send your children to us to be free from the anxieties concerning their education and your families. We shall endeavour as regards the formation of their future and making them successful persons.

Grooming Centre

This centre aims at making a person attain success in its totality so far as the qualities of head and heart are concerned. This centre provides :

  1. English and Hindi for Communication.
  2. Global Knowledge in General.
  3. I.Q. Test.
  4. Career Awareness and Counseling, Personality Development.

Computer Centre

Computer literacy and training form an integral part of the Vidyalaya’s academic schedule from Class-I onwards.

Micro And Remedial Teaching Procedures

Along with General Teaching, the methods of micro-teaching and remedial teaching have been introduced. These methods benefit the weak students on the one side, and on the other side, they teach the students the techniques of getting good marks in the examinations. We believe these efforts will go a long way to replace private tuition.


Workshop :

Workshops with teachers and employees are held at regular intervals. These workshops aim at formulating proper guidance to teaching, proper conduct of examinations, balanced assessment of answer scripts, running administration smoothly etc.

Health Centre

The Vidyalaya has a Health Centre . The centre examines the health of the students  in order to instill health awareness in them. It is manned by  specialized doctors and a trained nurse.

Students Health Home

The Vidyalaya has been enrolled as a member of the Health Home. Students will have the benefit of treatment with meagre amount from this Home.

Library :

The Vidyalaya has a rich library which helps students to develop the habit of reading books. Students enjoy the privilege of home issues for reading. They are to submit written observations on the books read for examinations. This system is really conducive to forming reading habit and developing analytical faculty.

Laboratory :

The Vidyalaya has well equipped laboratories for Bio-Science, Physics, Chemistry and Geography. Students of Secondary and Higher Secondary classes can expand their knowledge with the support of practical experiments on topics of science.

Tours And Travels

Tours and Educative Travels refresh mind and rejuvenate vision. Once a year the Vidyalaya  arranges tour to the important places in and around Kolkata. The expenses are borne by the Vidyalaya. Participation of the students is compulsory. Once a year the Vidyalaya arranges for travels outside Kolkata. In case of students of Primary Class  it is obligatory for guardians to go with their respective wards. Guardians will have to bear their respective expenses. Students will bear a portion of their expenses. They will be escorted by staff and teachers.

Transport : 

Transport support for commutation from residence is  arranged as per convenience of the wards and their guardians. Expenses will be borne by the guardians.

Audio-Visual Centre

Students, here, are provided with cassettes, CDs, Videos and Films containing curricular and wholesome recreational contents.

Mid-day Meals

Students are provided with square Mid-day Meals. Aquaguards supply pure drinking water. However,  the students are allowed to bring water from their respective houses. Tiffin bought from outside, is strictly prohibited when the Vidyalaya is in session. Taking Mid-day Meals together, irrespective of caste and creed and family status, is a pleasurable experience for all students.

Scholarship :

Financially disadvantaged but meritorious students will be provided with special scholarship and fee concession.

Training for helping various Household Works : 

Arrangements are available for attending to various household activities on the part of the students. The purpose is to develop in them a sense of dignity of labour. Students are  trained to repair some household appliances, to learn cycling, scooter driving, preparing some items of eatery, etc.

Yearly Magazine, Wall Magazine, Half yearly News Bulletin and Exhibition on Handicrafts and Science :

These programmes are helpful to ascertain the  developing creative potentials of the students. Through News Bulletin we keep the guardians informed of the latest events, ideas and developments of the Vidyalaya.

Cultural Team :

Adequate emphasis is given on developing the creative potentials of the students, say, in the fields like drawing, participation in Karmashala, music, drama, dance, recitation, rebate, eloquence and such other creative activities.

Dress :

The Vidyalaya has its own distinctive uniform  . Special instruction is offered on the matter at the appropriate time. Dress is to be made by the specified dress-maker on payment.

Students Regiments to help Maintain Discipline :

Four Regiments, namely, Vidyasagar Regiment, Subhash Regiment, Nibedita Regiment, Kshudiram Regiment and also Knight Regiment have been made from amongst the students. Our objective is to make students conscious of their role in maintaining discipline and sustaining their skill in maintaining discipline.

Sports and Games :

The Vidyalaya gives special emphasis to games and sports throughout the year. Various competitions on games & sports are generally held in winter. An extension, development and beautification programme is underway.

Mock Tests :

Arrangements are made for  holding three Mock Tests for Classes – X, XI and XII free of cost.

Teachers' & Guardians' Meeting :

Teachers' and Guardians' Meetings are organized several times a year. Guardians’ participation in such meetings is mandatory.

Centre of Excellence