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Co-curricular Activities and other facilities

The school enjoys high decorum of Co-curricular Activities and other benifits.


Workshop with the teachers, officers and other employees are held regularly. The objectives of the workshops are to show them the well-chalked out directions, plans, instructions on teaching and learning and also to make them aware of the latest technique and methodology of teaching of various subjects.

Health Centre

The Health Centre supports necessary support for health care. While Psychologists ensure measures for the up-keep of the student?s Mental health, doctor of the Health Care takes care of the Physical Health of the students. The Dispensary provides medicinal curatives for primary health care and treatment. This Health Centre also has a trained nurse.
The vidyalaya has a health centre. The centre examines the Health of the students in order to install heaith-awareness in them. It is manned by a specialized doctor and a trained nurse.

Audio-Visual Centre

Students, here, are provided with cassettes, CDs, Videos and Films containing curricular and wholesome recreational contents. They get all these facilities side by side with their regular classroom teachings.


Students are lured away from their books by so many distractions. To hook them up to books the library has a big role. Refreshing and Regenerative books are within easy access of the students through home lending as well. Students are to submit their written statements of two pages, regarding how they have liked the books borrowed, to the Librarian. Their statement is marked after being assessed and the marks they obtain are shown in the Progress Report of the Annual Examination.


Laboratory 1

The Vidyalaya has laboratories for Life Science, Chemistry, Geography and Physical Science. Students carry out test and trial here to gain new Knowledge.

Grooming Centre

Grooming 1

Grooming 2

This Centre aims at making a person attain success in totality in the qualities of head and heart. This Centre provides: -

1.Psychometric Test
2.Career Awareness & Counseling Personality Development.
3.Global Knowledge in General.
4.English and Hindi for Communication.

Mid-day Meal

The Vidyalaya provides square mid-day meals to the students. Aquaguards have been installed for supplying pure drinking water. Students can also bring bottles full of drinking water from home. During school hours students are forbidden to take any item of eatery bought from outside.

Vidyasagar - Rabindra Festival

Vidyasagar- Rabindra Festival is held every year in the month of December for three consecutive days with the active participation of the Vidyalaya family as we owe both Vidyasagar and Rabindranath a debt of gratitude. Various programmes like Dance Drama, Chau Dance, Baul of Shantiniketan, Magic Show, etc are held with the direct participation of the teachers and the taught. Various stalls of books, handicrafts made by the students and outsiders, branded clothes, Costume Jewellery, Eatery prepared by our students become an abiding interest to the visitors. The Fair is visited by more than 20,000 people including dignitaries a day.

Afforestation Festival

It is held every year in the month of July with pomp and grandeur . The very attractive aspect of the festival is that a girl student of the Vidyalaya is turned into the goddess of forest (Banadevi) and various rituals are performed . The spirit of the festival is to plant saplings to maintain ecological balance.

The Life Style Class

The guiding spirit of the Vidyalaya lies in holding the classes on Life Style on Saturdays starting at 2.05pm . It is devoted to finding out ways and means to make children bloom with the qualities of head and heart. In other words, it aims at making a whole man. Students from classes V to XII are taught eloquence, based on debates, Quizes, ExtemporeSpeeches, etc. They are also taught the art of facing interviews, Group Discussion, etc. There are occasional deliberations on great men like Rabindranath Tagore, Vidyasagar, Rammohan, Subhas Chandra Bose, Bankim Chandra Chattapadhyaya, etc to inspire the children with the messages of their lives.

Social Works

The Vidyalaya under the Niva Ananda Vidyalaya Trust is very conscious of its social obligations. It is working out a programme to serve the surrounding people of mediocre means by way of starting health camp, arranging for eye operations at some noted hospitals in Kolkata, etc. It is worth- mentioning here that the Vidyalaya has been offering a subsistence of Rs. 500 per month to Mrs. Sukkuli Kumir, financially depressed, aged about 111 years belonging to an area adjacent to the Vidyalaya. That the Vidyalaya is not only meant for people of higher- income- group is manifest from the fact that it offers concessions worth Rs. 10 lacs per annum to the poor and meritorious students.

Cultural Camp

Adequate emphasis is given on developing the creative potentials of the students. Say, in the fields of like drawing, music,drama, dance, recitation and such other creative activities. Regular classes are allotted in the routine upto class viii . Examinations are also held in the cultural camp. Various functions are held on the open stage & on the Nivedita stage throught the year. Students participate in various cultural competitions held within and outside the state. Getting prizes by the participants continues. Regular classes on dance and music etc, are allotted upto class-viii in the routine.

Remedial & Micro Teaching

Along with General Teaching , the methods of remedial and micro teaching have been introduced. This methods benefit the weak and the meritorious to fare better in thge examinations.

Games & Physical Education

Arrangements for the Games and Sports and Physical Education are available in the large field of the Vidyalaya throught the year. Regular classes upto class viii are allotted in the routrine for games and physical education.

Tours and Travels

Tours and Educative Travels refresh mind and rejuvenate vision. Life becomes dull with mundane affairs. Hence the necessity of Tours and Travels.

  1. Local Tours:- The Vidyalaya arranges tours, at least once a year, to visit places of interest in and around Kolkata.
  2. Travels:- The vidyalaya arranges travels outside Kolkata once a year. The guardians may accompany their wards during this travel.

Mock Test

Arrangements for holding two Mock Tests for classes X, XII respectively are made

Giving lessons by Meritorious Students

Arrangement has been made to offer helpful lessons to the very weak students by some meritorious students of the Vidyalaya after the completion of their public examinations. These students turning teachers get honorarium.

Computer Centre

Computer literacy and training from an integral part of the VIDYALAYA academic schedule for students from classes I onwards.

Use of Projector

To make the subject matter easier and more interesting students are taught by using projectors.


Close Circuit cameras have been installed in every classroom, corridor, main gate, open theatre and in the premises of the Vidyalaya.


Arrangements of generator service has been made in case of power fault at any time.

Eco Club & Afforestation Festival

The Eco Club of the Vidyalaya plays a significant role in developing social awareness movement about greenery and to save greenery. Afforestation festival is celebrated every year in the vidyalaya.

Class for learning Magic

Classes are allotted to learn magic in the routine for the students of classes VII & VIII . In various function of the vidyalaya , students entertain the audience by performing magic shows.

Fire Protection

Latest arrangements to extinguish fire are there in the Vidyalaya.

Guardians Meeting

The administration and the teachers hold regular meetings with the guardians.

Centre of Excellence